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Welcome to the World of Fascinating Destinations

Spiekermann Travel, Inc. has been helping travelers plan trips and explore some of the most fascinating destinations in the world for over 55 years. Our clients share a passion for discovery and knowledge through travel.   We have provided exceptional and comprehensive travel services to hundreds of clients, many of which include museum curators, students of art and history, travel agents and members of various professional associations.

In 1971, we recognized a growing demand for travel services to the Middle East and knew our vast knowledge and experience of this region would be well suited for specialization in Middle Eastern Travel.  Since that time we have meticulously planned thousands of trips for our clients to every corner of the Middle and Near East.

In addition, travelers who choose Spiekermann Travel, Inc. can expect:

  • Personalized, accommodating customer service

  • In-depth information throughout the travel planning stages

  • Small groups and private tours

  • Professional and experienced travel staff, from our U.S. team to the knowledgeable and skilled local field guides and tour leaders we handpick

  • Competitive rates and unparalleled value

Mission statement

At Spiekermann Travel, Inc.., we enhance the traveler’s knowledge by creating travel experiences that promote exploring the worlds’ most fascinating destinations. Our focus is to encourage our clients to expand their travel boundaries to learn more about the world and its inhabitants. To go beyond the expected and stretch the possibilities while gaining knowledge through travel. We consult with local operators in identifying and planning new and unique travel tours and experiences. We take travelers to seldom-visited regions where they have opportunities to visit some of the most prodigious ruins built by the ruling civilizations of the ancient Near East. Here they will tour many of the areas that in past, have been subject to conflict, as powerful nations struggled for religious dominance. Spiekermann takes clients back in time in travelling the same paths of many of the most illustrious figures in the history of mankind.

Spiekermann engages the best Scholars: Anthropologists, Egyptologists, Historians, Biblical Archaeologists and College Professors to lead our tours and help enhance the traveler’s understanding of the cultures visited. Additionally, we work with only the best native guides.

We make travel exciting by exposing our clients to fascinating and mysterious places of adventure, history and culture. Pack your bags and get ready to experience travel in an enriching and satisfying way.


Some worry about having an American traveling to anywhere even near the Middle East. This got me to thinking: what if I had stayed home and never traveled? I would never have met the many wonderful people that I shared my adventures with. I would never have made the friends I have in numerous cities around the world. I would never have seen the beauty of the Rose Red city of Petra. I would never have marveled at human ingenuity in building pyramids. I would never have tasted dates fresh from an Tunisian tree. The boundaries of my world would have started and ended with all that was familiar and safe. My life would be poorer for it…

– Camille Van Beuren, Las Vegas, NV.