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Loyalty Program

One of the most important measures of business success is customer loyalty. At Spiekermann Travel we have a significant number of customers that have expressed their regard for our service by repeatedly choosing us for their next great adventure. They have repaid our hard work and dedication to ensuring their satisfaction with our product by referring family, friends and co-workers. Many have taken multiple tours, some of them revisiting destinations because of a specific guide or joining a scheduled tour because of the lecturer. As a way to show our appreciation and reward our clients for their continued support, we designed a Loyalty Club whereby repeat travelers can earn discounts that can be applied to their next STS tour booking as follows:

One-to-Four Prior Trips:

Earns a 2 percent discount to be applied to the next Spiekermann Travel Scheduled Tour booking.

Five-to-Nine Prior Trips

Earns a 3 percent discount to be applied to the next Spiekermann Travel Scheduled Tour booking.

Ten or More Prior Trips

Earns a 5 percent discount to be applied to the next Spiekermann Travel Scheduled Tourbooking. (Yes we do have several such clients that have taken advantage of this benefit in case you were wondering)

To be considered for travel discounts, please document all previous Spiekermann Travel tour names and dates, and submit along with your upcoming trip’s reservation form.

Why travelers keep coming back?

  • Our Scheduled tours are all inclusive (air, land, hotels, even bottled water and gratuities to local staff)
  • We offer fascinating destinations and exotic journeys that tantalize the curious senses
  • Our group tours are always small size to provide participants maximum access to the local population and to enable them to better interact with our lecturers and guides
  • We prepare for our trips comprehensive and educational supporting material such as reading lists, books & maps
  • We treat each and every client like a friend and never like a number on a booking or a file

Note: Due to special pricing considerations, Loyalty Club discounts cannot be applied to any of our custom-made trips or guaranteed departures. However, any such participation on private tours will count toward your discount on any future “Scheduled Tour”departures of Spiekermann Travel.

Terms & Conditions:

Loyalty Club travel discounts cannot apply to single supplements or reduced airfare. Terms and conditions of Loyalty Club bonuses are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of Spiekermann Travel. Those discounts have NO expiry dates and count regardless of the frequency of joining our tours.

Spiekermann Travel does not solicit business to California consumers